Why Division is a Good Thing

FeaturedWhy Division is a Good Thing

This is such an interesting blog post about quite a mainstream topic in the media – division in society. Division has been presented as something we should avoid, something that prevents teamwork, unity and peace. But the truth is, we shouldn’t be so caught up about it because we are born with an inherent tendency towards being comfortable in specific groups. We shouldn’t fight this natural urge.

In addition, division inspires creativity and innovation as, without the existence of opposing views and beliefs, life would be so boring! Everyone would just do the same things all of the time so society would get nowhere – technology wouldn’t be advancing at the rate it is now and we’d probably still be living in the stone age!

Anyway, if you’re still not convinced that division is good for society, I would recommend that you read this blog post by The Daytime Renegade. Also, make sure to follow him because I can personally vouch that his posts are really interesting and enjoyable to read!

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We are supposedly more divided, politically, culturally, even over stupid things like music and sports, than at any time in history. And as Americans, we are constantly bombarded from all sides with the message that this polarization is one of the pressing problems of our time.

Wouldn’t it be better, goes the conventionalwisdom, if we could all join hands and want, think, believe, and act the same way towards the same goals?

Well, for starters that would be kind of beige. Second, it would probably admit “disappearing” everybody who disagreed with the prevailing norm.

And third, you have to ask: Whose goals? Whose “normal”? Whose “unity”?

I never understood the lamenting of this division as a concept. People disagree vehemently over what to eat for lunch, and you’re shocked that we can’t agree on the big things?

Yes, the things that we should do in order to have a wonderful society are…

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